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International Affairs

The Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul has courses of Bachelor Degree, Technological Graduation and Certified Teacher´s Degree in Biological Sciences And Health areas. On the other hand, there are also Exact and Technological Sciences; and Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Communication School
  • Journalism
  • Radio and TV
  • Advertising and Publicity
Computing School
  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
Law School
  • Law
Education School
  • Pedagogy
Business School
  • Administration
  • Foreign Trade
  • Accounting
  • Economy
Health School
  • Physical Education
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Medicine
School of Technological Graduation
  • Database
  • Foreign Trade
  • Institutional Communication
  • Environmental Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Quality Management
  • Management of Information Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Logistics
  • Marketing (Retail)
  • Managerial Processes (SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Audiovisual Production
  • Advertising Production
  • Systems for Internet (Web Design)
  • Computer Networks
Engineering School
  • Engeneering
Fashion School
  • Fashion
Psychology School
  • Psychology
Sala de aula


  • MBA in Banking
  • MBA in Brandin
  • MBA in Finances
  • MBA in Environmental Management
  • MBA in Management of Cooperatives
  • MBA in Fashion Business
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Strategic Sales Management
  • MBA in Hospital Management
  • MBA in Industrial Management
  • MBA in Public Administration (MPA)
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Marketing of Services
  • MBA in Financial Market and Capitals
  • MBA in International Businesses
  • MBA in Operations and Logistics
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Insurances and Social Security
  • MBA in Retail
  • Enterprise MBA
Accounting Sciences
  • MBA in Controllership and Strategic Accounting
  • MBA in Tax Management
  • MBA in Corporative Governance
  • Communications Advisory
  • Integrated Communication
  • Propaganda Management
  • Master in Business Communication - MBC
  • Constitutional Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Labour Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedural Law
  • Constitutional Tax Law
  • Executive MBA in Business Law
  • MBE in Contemporary Brazilian Economy
  • MBE in Service Economics
  • MBE in Economy and Tools of Management
Master and Doctoral Courses
  • Masters Program in Business Administration
  • Masters Program in Communication
  • Doctoral Program in Business Administration

We advocate an enquiry-based approach to learning, which means that we encourage you to become an independent and self-motivated learner. Through the programme of study we offer, we will develop the qualities that employers value in today's university graduates - qualities that will set you apart in your future career.


To help you develop the above-mentioned skills, we adopt a range of teaching methods. They may include:

  • Lectures – listening to experts sharing their knowledge and discoveries in challenging and provocative ways. Students are expected to 'read-around' the subject matter of their lectures, adding to their understanding and developing their critical faculties and analytical skills.

  • Seminars – where you present and discuss your ideas and knowledge in smaller groups and debate interpretations and opinions with other students.

  • Tutorials – are your opportunity to discuss your work with your tutor, usually in small groups.

  • Workshops - are problem solving sessions facilitated by a member of academic staff; these sessions usually involve students working in groups.

  • Laboratory based work – this is your chance to get practical experience and apply knowledge you have learnt in a laboratory setting. This mainly applies to courses in science and technology.

Learning support

The transition to a new way of learning can be a challenge. We offer a comprehensive support system that will assist and encourage you at every stage of your undergraduate study:

  • You will be allocated a personal tutor who will provide help and advice with any study-related issues, and help you to monitor and reflect on your progress. It is your responsibility to organise regular meetings with your personal tutor.

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International Affairs is responsible for developing a coherent university approach across a range of international activities at the University. These efforts help to build and enhance the University's international relationships based on outstanding programs and a diverse range of international activities.

Areas of responsibility include:

Enhancing the University's capacity in its international relationships Providing a co-ordinator role for the international activities at the University.

Developing and evaluating collaborative agreements between the University and foreign institutions, research entities, industry and governments.

Hosting visiting delegations from foreign institutions Enhancing strategic international relations and agreements in support of university goals

International Agreements

The Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul is currently engaged in a wide range of agreements with academic, research and scientific institutions and government bodies around the world. We currently have some agreements in different countries, and also non-international agreements within Brazil.

International Affairs aims to negotiate, nurture, and support collaborations between our academics and the best institutions and brightest minds around the world. We seek to encourage the exchange of information and resources, to facilitate academic productivity, and to support our internationally based faculty, alumni and students, as well as their international partners.

Below is a list of international agreements between the Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul and its international partners.

Instituto Universitario Italiano de Rosario (Argentina)
National University of Rosário (Argentina)
Flacso- Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (Argentina)
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (Chile)
University of Deusto (Spain)
University of Vigo (Spain)
University of A Coruña (Spain)
University of Algarve (Portugal)
University of Porto (Portugal)
Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (Portugal)
Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal)
University of Leiria (Portugal)
University of Trás-os- Montes e Alto Douro (Portugal)
IADE- Creative University (Portugal)
Instituto Politécnico de Santarém (Portugal)
University of Rijeka (Croatia)
University of Belgrade (Serbia)
University of La Habana (Cuba)
University Kazimierz Wielky (Poland)
Université Technologique de Białystok (Poland)
Towson University (Maryland, USA)
University of Colima (Mexico)
Universidad del Atlántico (Colombia)
National University of Colombia (Colombia)
University of Applied Sciences Haaga-Helia (Finland)
AUALCPI – Asociación de Universidades de América Latina y Caribe para la Integración


Universidade Regional de Blumenau 
Universidade Federal do Pará
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Universidade Federal de Rondônia (UNIR)
Universidade Federal do Sergipe

Joint research activities

Participation in each institution's seminars and academic meetings

Exchange of academic materials

Short-term academic programs

Exchange of students

International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jovanovic

Telephone: 5511- 4239-3273

Avenida Goiás, 3.400 São Caetano do Sul (SP)

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